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do you know me?
i know you far too well!

hey -- do you remember?
do you remember me?
your weaker self
the one you don´t wanna see

i am the mirror
the image of your thoughts
you wanna kill me
but i just go on -- go on

hey -- why don´t you like me?
i was always there
you never complained
you just didn´t care

you try to hide me
but you can´t hide yourself
you wanna find me?
so get out of your shell!

i am the mirror you can´t escape
i am the riot forming your shape

but i am the fire

hey -- now i remember
i remember you
you´re born from pain
just like a tattoo

i am the picture
you pretend to be
to see me fall
is all you wanna see

hey -- why don´t you like me?
i´m stronger than you
you´re just complaining
from your point of view

i try to hide you
but i cant hide myself
i wanna find you
to get out of my shell

but i am the fire inside
that keeps you alive
when the world´s so cold

when you are fallin´

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