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Far above the timberline
In the barren polar night
Burns the holy beaivi sign
With a sympathetic light
Seven furies trumpeting
Sami francy conjuring
Sulphur fuming summoning
Salve! Salve!
Emerging from the woods below
Where death and threats are rife
A silhouette against the snow
With antlers, wings and knife
A bright reflection in the ice:
Her wreath of the altar log
Whispering demagogue
Salve! Salve, Regina!
Ad te clammaus, ad te suspiramus
Gementes et flentes in hac lacrimarum valle
Entrance to the vaults of Hades
Enchanting, secret, villainous
Essence of the wilderness
Salve, Wiru-Akka!
Above the ground it will unfold
And shine upon our tears
Spewing forth a ray of gold
Out of immortal spheres

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