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The Bestial Abyss - text

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Oh, the hellish winds of war!
The ropes come off at
The sound of the predators roar
Cries at the gates of hell
To the chime of the funeral bell
The fallen fly in hallucinating rage
Breaking the grid of the cage
From the depths of the tombs
The whispering doom
Blood running cold
The beat of the animal heart
Thunders below
Through the cold and the darkness
Through mud and through haze
On broken wings of destiny
Towards the end of days
From the dark of the womb
Emerges the ghoul
Under the hide of sheep
The lurking evil sleeps
Aroused by his dreadful kiss
At the call of the bestial abyss
Storms in the kingdom of the dead
Unspeakable torment ahead
Sounding the underworld knell
Gospels from the caves and
The high parapets of hell
From the depths of the tomb
Emerges the ghoul

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