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Spectral shadows of noble blood awaken from their rest below the light
wicked flowers regressed to buds open in the European night
wayfarers on untrodden roads emerging from their sleep in swamp and cave
Highwaymen with heads unbowed return now from the plains beneath the grave
Neamh - mairbh Revenants on the storm
Neamh - mairbh Avengers with no shape or form
Hefaeras from the tombs of Prague floating through the subterranean maze
cloaked in robes of rain and fog they hover upon the water face
Forgotten servants with middling looks rising from the pages of the past
A horde of no-ones leave the books to read from living lips: "I'm aghast!"
Revenants Nightmares afloat in the rain
Revenants Storm of the nocturnal bane
Ascending from their Lethal sleep: dripping specters of the deep

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