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Open air necropolis
Funerary plain
Unhallowed, unsound
This is where our blood
Once mingled with the rain
And soaked the ground
Thralls of the apocalypse
Mercilessly slain
In graves abound
Eyes of Hades, stars of hell
Abyss of the soul shone upon
The bronzen altar fire that
Swallowed us whole, one by one
Dust to dust!
Another time and other names
And other idolheads
Other victims put to flames
On other altar beds
Extinguished in a moment
And aglow forevermore
In brimstone sealed
Ever present phosphorescent
Wraiths of local lore
Children of the field
Adar! Anu! Ninib! Baal!
We whisper in the mist that shrouds
Our trickling pantheon
Consanguineous with the waters
Springing from the mouth of Acheron
Blood dyed meuse

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