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Sedated and bated
Hovering on the verge of night
Heeding the whisper
that ravishes with delightful fright
Encircled by darkness
deafening any sense of doubt
Heavy and palpable
as the drape that shuts the deathbed out
In the thick of night
the sleep of reason instills the passion
to act on what's unright
Throats bared
Eyes wide shut
Bloodied teeth
Bottoms up
Elated and bruised up
Falling into the shadow light
where demons are waiting
to turn the rapture into blight
Exhumed from the darkness
explorers of an ageless route
confining perceptions
as the drapes that shuts the daylight out
The pyre is set alight
the dance of shadows produces monsters
coming into sight
Usurpers of the mind

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