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Bless our weapons
With cruel majesty
Ignite our spirits
In barbaric ecstasy
Fill our song
With poetry of dread
Sparks of splendour emanating
From the highest godhead
Lead: Sepulchral Condor
Inspire our breasts
With records of the brave
Lift our flesh
Beyond the darkness of the grave
To every soul asleep
Underneath Sinjari pines:
Rise out of the gloom
Of the desecrated shrines
We call upon the bird of prayer
The angel with scythes for wings
Creator, idol and slayer
Eater of saints and kings
Shaitanic rebel principle
Looming in the sky
Righteous and invincible
Hear our battle cry!
We are daughters of the desert night
Sirens of the sand
Raven-haired amazons
Of the untamed land
Abandon be our victory
Beauty our decoy
The angels of Melek-Taus
Are ready to destroy

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