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As nightmares take away, when everything has gone.
Daylight, it fades from the sky. As night, closes in.
Search for a way to get home, through the forests and trees
Alone the madness it seems to take me, down a darkened path,
Will I take the light, or will I take this life?
I run to a better place, where I will find,
Everything that’s taken away from me; disarmed.
Now I steel myself in readiness for the times that’s come,
Will you remember me? Dying Light.
Now everything has gone. Into the place of bitterness.
The darkness is seeps from my mind,
Freed from the chains. I find I’m not lost in this dream,
Alone the madness it seemed to take me, down this darkened path,
Did I take the life? Or did I seek to be free?

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Fragments of a Nightmare


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