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I was born a traveller in time
From my early days I knew I was part of the crime
Being an outcast not a mortal man
Always on the run to prove I am the only one
I can feel the threat is in the air
Voices in my head call out beware
Places, faces pass before my eyes
Never understood why, I couldn't realize
Feelings that I always have to hide
No emotions for the ones I have to leave behind
And you feel the threat is all around
Voices in your head are calling out
And you know your time is standing still
When you hear the whispering of steel
The game of life and power is my destiny
No one asked me no one told me why it should be me
But as you hear my blade calling your name
I'll survive a little longer in this bloody game
And though I know I'll live for evermore
There is one thing that I'm waiting for
Someone sets me free from this ordeal
As I hear the whispering of the steel
The game of life and power is my destiny...

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