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Did I make the right decision?
Is there at the end of this untrodden road what I’m looking for?
I may get lost, is there a reason?
Is it worth? Am I strong enough to carry on forevermore?
Will I regret it in the end?
My search can pay me back for what I lost? The life I left behind
Am I my only friend?
No one can help me now I took the lonely road and no one is by my side
I left the crossroads far behind me
I turn my back and never should return
Soon the mist will rise above and hide me
Nothing I know but one thing I want to learn
And so I walk away from my world
From what I used to have,
And the ones I used to love
A new reality will unfold
In silence I leave and I’ll return,
In my dreams I will learn
I left the crossroads far behind me..

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