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-I am your Father I am your God
I am the One Who created you
-Well nice story but it’s so sad
That is so damn good to be true
-I am the Light in your course
I offer all that you can take
-Yeah, like beginning holy wars
And burning witches at the stake
Follow me
Follow me into the night
and I will lead you out of the darkness and towards the light
Never run, never hide
Never fear of the darkness behind
I will lead you towards the light
Never run, never hide
We will leave all the darkness behind
-I am your friend I'm your ally
I have a kingdom you can rule
-Can't you see that he does lie
Inside his hands you’re just a tool
-I am the guide by your side
I offer more than you can take
-He is the evil in your mind
A deadly Sin the worst mistake
Follow me
Follow me into the night...
-I'm the one who points out the right from the wrong
-Another deception to take you from where you belong
-I lead the way and he'll be a king in my Hall
-I 'll lead the way and we're leaving before morning 's call
Oohhhhhh They're finally facing me
Ohhhhhhh As night is embracing me

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