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Blood, he who’s daring enough to take a step further and cross its course
Ravaged by its undying, merciless, eternal source
Is bound to be devoured and swallowed in a denying falsehood
A bottomless void empties the gap where his joy stood

1st Verse
Lost in the turmoil of history’s haze
Lies the keystone of human sympathy
Right at the gates of rivalry’s maze
There’s a seed of the tree of amity
Frost and snow cracks under my feet
As does my heart when I aim at the enemy
Thoughts of compassion deepen through me
When his own sight meets mine
An echo of brotherhood rings out across the land
Among those who died amid these crests by sibling hand
A melody of sheltering comforts the unspoken names
Of those who fell on both sides, no one shall it disclaim

Verse 2
Blinded by the burnished sunrise’s blaze
I face Fate's atrocious mockery
Bound to engrave these unending days
In the magnificence of silent sceneries
Yet their contortion still haunts my days
My nights are vigilant as their bravery
Honoured, commended into their graves
Commitment the burial fits

“Dar gasinghe ist de spaise un dar balsam bomme leben.”
(Hope serves as food and balm to life)

Mid Time
The expressions of the dying obsess me
I unravel terror, dread
And tie both to disbelief
To your cause I’m deemed expendable
I’m nothing but cannon fodder to you
“ Slaughter!
Prepare to die!”

Heed our lies and scream our battle cry
Still and ready to die
Foes, allies, we’re all condemned to die
Machine guns, ready to fire
Hushed outcries, hypocrisy in our minds
As our downfall draws nigh

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