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Tanzerloch (Of Love and Loss) - text


Verse 1
“Don’t you fret”, murmur the winds of past decline, they say
“Life’s no more than breath, and we, as living beings obtain
The joy to share the warmth within us and our senses convey
For but a twinkling of the eye of time, grasped before it fades”
When I close my eyes I can still see you dance
If I lift my lids, nought appears and swiftly takes your place
And now sifting through my hands’ but a blowing breeze
Too grim to evoke untrodden memories

Terror Verse
Why did it happen to me?
Was it meant to be?
Was my life intended for uncertainty and misery?
Why is this pain pulling the strings of my anxiety?
Deliver me
Release me
Voices of doubt, now be gone!

2nd Verse
“Hush my beloved, as we did not drift away
Toss your worries aside, remove this fright
Endeavour not to hide your feelings’ array
Embrace the tenderness of our old delight”

2nd Terror Verse
This agonizing remorse
Is no way to live
The void and the pit haunt my dreams
Voices beckon me
Torpor, rid me of my screams
And undo my ties
I drip life and touch you once more
As my throbbing dies

“I loved life, take no heed to pain
Do not weep, as there’s no loss to mourn
I’m the wind that blows against your hair
I’m the sunlight gleaming in your dawn
I linger here, in a place not far away
I’m the bliss that in this music lies
We shall meet, don’t rush off, don’t you stray
I’m the ecstatic gladness in your smiles

Sincere affection never dies”

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