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Sylvan Oath - text


See – and recall all of
Your doubts – grown in all these years
And pains – never dying fears
You surrendered all your
Mind – hearing, touch and sight
And thoughts – feel your wisdoms rot
To dig – obsession released
This pit
Of uncertainty

Fall down in me
In my tears and shivers
Quieten anxiety
Hope stay within me

Submit – Misconstruction fits
To me – your resilient need
Your heir – choking on pure air
So frail
I bred in your qualms
Fed – With your inner dreads
Alive – within you I dive
Survived – grown on what you cried
I thrive
In your subconscious

Here now I swear to the forest
I’ll look for my true me
Here refloats my own nature
From the depths of fear

Slay – Indecision’s frail
The creeper – in yourself
Snare – draw it out of its lair
To get rid of your
State – it’s never too late
Of pain – Wash away your stains
Regain – All that within remains
At last
Renew your views, be free

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