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Leave a Whisper - text


Those clouds in blackened veil
Portend nothing but anguish
The insouciance in our lives
Has been no more than foolish
Recalling our past days
Taste now like rotting mildness
The warmth within our veins
Is iced over in silence
Drown in despair
Eradicating pain
Is freezing in my soul
The sight ahead constrains
Me to lose all control
The light of life removed
Right from my brother’s eyes
Our native land unmoved
Our population dies
Die and decay

Squalls and rainstorms
Roaring thunders
Hopefulness declining
The cry of my son
Hushed by the soundless
Wrath of nature,
“Spare him,

Leave a whisper for this wind
For he caressed the faces
Of our fallen ones
So take our story with you
Fly and spread my lament

The irony of god
Is cruel in sight but not in sound
As I see people rot
I look, desperate, for my friends
Their lives, my village sinks
Submerged by water in the flood

Their expression still screams
But deaf and dreary was their end (Silent)

The devastation molds
In thunder, storm and cries
The paintbrush of our death
Depicted a moonrise
And in repulsive gore
Of corpses which prostrate
They will grow more and more
The storm and waves: our fate

We only need a merciful destiny
We haven’t enough strength to bear this carnage

Raging rumbles
Chaos in rampage
Impartiality is heartless
Hear my prayers
Leave my dears here
Don’t make my grip
Lose his hand
“Take me

Our souls will live
In your memories till the end of time
So take the light with you
Don’t leave us tonight

(My son smiles at me
My wife embraces me
I hold them close
“This won’t end, I swear”)

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