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Howling Hysteria - text


Feel my fangs pierce your flesh
Seal your thoughts, let your self-doubt clash
Hide and beseech, repudiate your flaws
I’ll track you down, your guilt lures my jaws

Arise, my dear
And let your integrity
Crush and burst in shattered remains
As you most feared
You regain identity
Self -reflection mirrors pathetic pains
Aware of your lies
You still fake the answer
Sadistic yearnings conjure your brains
Hear me howl
Anxiety and shivers
Psyche works in mysterious ways

I am your ego, fill me with lies
Fill up the hole your self-loathing provides
“I am so different, unique my display”
Voice your opinion of dull, dumb clichés
As you hear these words, in ecstatic disgust
Bask in your deceits, when YOU are to enquire
As you point your finger at whom you mistrust

Misgivings demolish your self-centred empire


Rejoice, my beloved
Appeal to your insanity
For your stability is as dry as your veins
The choices you made
Facetious, poorly
Selected solely on what your dumb whims reign

You disown your dreams, for these sensible guides
They skin you regardless of what you decide
They lead you, they have all the answers you seek
They judge you so they can dictate that you’re weak
Delusional if for ambitions you strive
A failure if you settle down with your life

Spoken Intermission

Run, you coward.
Feel my breath on your nape.

I still believe in the moral of mankind
I refuse to give in to this reality
I will rise again
I shall wash my stains

2nd Spoken Intermission

Heed, you worm!
You are not entitled to an opinion!
Now, RUN!

A finire

I will not sink in this mud I will lift my eyes
There’s always a chance to start anew

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Until Our Tale Is Told

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