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A raven made a long journey to tell
What was happening in that world
And through his bright eyes he croaked
A tale which he saw in a valley below

Humans suffer because of death
They see their deceptive child dying
Humans suffer searching that one
Substituted by the evil dwarf

I’ve flown over mountain valley and rivers
A black day for all the men who’ve found this creature
A pure soul they lost in a chortle
I have seen this future come

Sometimes dwarves fall in love with men
They ravish them and leave in that place
An evil dwarf or a wood like the chased
Soon they will fade into thin air

And uncle Fialar is happy and he sings
Uncle Fialar could dance with his lover
Then he’ll dip his cap in her blood
And when it’ll be tired he’ll make it red more and more

So that little girl you can see
Fell in the wrong hands of her robber
Never in this world will she come back
She’s going to spend her last breath
Uncle Fialar

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