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Endless Hunt - text


At no time I thought, in the dusk of my ventures
To engage a new ride, a new fire from my embers
A chill down my spine, my soul set ablaze
Black coat, quick hooves, a fixed upraised gaze

Thrill pervading
Excitement surrounding
Haste morphing into
An insight of newfound life

Riding in the forest
Branches scratching me
Leaves that dim my sight
How can I capture thee?

My steed dashes to chase
His mane floats in the wind
But I cannot I give up
This endless furious hunt

In this cursed night
Following a deer
No more hopes alight
In my heart only fear

Should I take that creature
Into a bright light?
Is it an hellish figure
Calling me to ride?

Now it’s time to ride, the chase isn’t over
I feel alive, more than I’ve ever
Been, hear the call of the prime instinct
I sense the fire and the heat growing In me

Riding along the lands
Searching glory and virtue
He would find hell
The king would die in misery

'The call of the wild educed his valor
The thrill of the hunt called
And burnt by the flame of passion
He started his pursuit
Into legends will his deeds be sang'

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