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Carnelian Masquerade - text


Adorned with silver
Witnesses of wisdom
Sits the patriarch of longing
Lorn, yet peace surrounding him
He quakes not, he fosters
The evading, elusive mind-sets
As his gauge shapes the auburn piece

Ligneous sculptures of denial to recall all of my sides
Is the abduction of the egos ordinary if they collide?

Caught by a new rough countenance, “look within me” sighed he
(He) Sought in the rustling quivers of contours his calmest glee

Wood carver, mask crafter
Sculpt me a new guise
Conceal torment, hide pride, affliction and craving
Oak bender, tool master
Cast boundless shadows of my being
Over dusky wood shavings

My abode is my asylum
Smoke and embers
Temper my solitude
Still as ice
Loud as storm
Fortified as mountainous peaks

In the clash of thoughts
A rhythmic beat ignites
The chisel of expression
Strikes the wooden surface once more

Is the common prejudice enough to sacrifice yourself?
Try to identify your spirit and you are misunderstood
What’s the logic of society if you can’t be, so you lie?
If the judgment ‘s everlasting we’re all forced to falsehood
All the faces that I wore, they’re constantly watching me
Interaction is damnation and we struggle to get free

Who am I?

[[ Is the world indeed a stage?
Are our actions acted, faltered?
Empty, scripted mask-reigned faces
Whose shells take over the role of players ]]

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