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Anguana - text


Face the trace of forgotten sign of corrupt
Race, erase your rationality

Haze, a maze, by a sylvan river was her
Place, disgrace in immobility
Displaced, a chase to devour and slay me
Replace the trace of horror with nerve

In hope
To escape
From the tangling clutches
Of this monstrosity
Feel the heart-chilling need to

And face the piercing howl of
the hideous creature
and searing pain possessing me
This aural nightmare (will go on)

Scales and tail, green flashes fill my sight
My mind won’t clarify what I see
Pale, and frail, abruptly serpentine
With scarcely human features left in her

Take from me
my perception and sense
My sanity won’t stand
her soul-ripping


Hypnotize me once more, embrace me
Take my spirit, appease my senses


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