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We are not alone;
there's life far beyond
somewhere in other galaxies.
Spaceships will come
to conquer our world
and mankind will go down on its knees.
Who will survive
to a sudden attack from the invaders.
Earthlings will be fearful quarries in a deadly hunt.

Welcome to Hellearth
don't try to hide when the hunter is lurking;
no way out, nowhere to run,
you'd better stand, pray and wait for the reaper
when final hour has come,

death, pain and gore;
the score of the war
that mankind will lose without a doubt.
no sign of life
will remain in this world:
the sad day when human race dies out,
earth mother will shake
when laser rays hit in the target;
no one foretold the disaster but now it's too late.
we’re being watched
we are in their target
starlike eyes behold our planet from above
out in the space
civilized worlds control our lifes
somewhere in the endless sky

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