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I Loved You - text


Somebody called me angel, oh wait that was you
Somebody shared a secret, oh yeah that was you too

I'm a little bit broken and a little dead inside
Cos you know when it's over when someone says…

I loved you
Find you and no one else
In many different people
That's why I hurt myself

Yes I loved you
Like no one ever felt
To young to live a lifetime
A cry for help

So now I'm busted open, I'm drained and on my own
For every word unspoken, to loud when I'm alone
Gotta stick it back together but I'm in pieces on the floor
Cos you know that it's over, when someone says…

I loved you
Yes I loved you…
I loved you
Yes I loved you…

And I watch an ocean rising
And I feel it won't be long
Cos you're flooding the harbor now
I can't hold on

I loved you
Yes I loved you…

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