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Change Of Heart pt.2 - text


Do ya do ya do ya think of speaking your mind
Or is it openly as lonely as it is cold
And do ya do ya do ya wanna get away
Or is it better off in the balance anyway
Later on or yeah whatever
I see now your beauty never ends

What the hell you do it's up to you
Now you've got to see it through
Tell the man you've had a change of heart

Do you make light of a bad situation
By burying your head under the sand
And eat the apple of your eye
Just because your mouth was dry
Oh well

Doesn't really matter what you need
But honest is paramount
Just tell the man you've had a change of heart

Bullet hits the wall and you'll play along
Give someone a answer and they'll think of one
Find yourself somewhere you have never been before

Give it time there's no appeal
You can bite the bullet, or just do it in a minute
For the love of god if you've had a change of heart

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