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Voyage to the New World - text


I've set my sail, I'm headed west
Across the ocean, I'll never rest
‘Til I find the mainland waiting for me
Ship sails are up, my compass set
I’m sailing for Spain with no regrets
I’ll find that mainland waiting for me
The ocean’s rolling
The ships holding up to the waves
Eleven ships, five hundred men
And thirteen horses I’ll defend
Land invasion for our nation
Look, out to the sea
The New World’s waiting for me
Spanish ships are charging forward
Look out to the sea
Voyage to the New World
Hernando Cortes is my name
I’ll take this land in the name of Spain
And conquer everything in my way
Five-hundred crewmen at my side
We’ll slaughter all the native tribes
Until this land is under the crown


Fear me, into the sea my fortunes go
Into the dark, into the deep
Into the unknown
These ships don’t stop until it’s done
Fear me, onto the shore my chances go
Onto the coast, onto the sand
Onto the land
These boots won’t rest until it’s done
Forward to the sea
We’ll change history


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