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Five-hundred years ago
There was a warrior
Born of jungle mist and stone
Born to kill and blessed with
Sacred powers of the sun and of the moon
The conchs sound,
The women cry,
Enemies run
For their lives
Try and run, try and hide,
It won't do at all,
Because your death
Is gonna come when the jaguars call
Hear him! The jaguar knight
See him! The jaguar knight
Feel him! The jaguar knight
Breathe him! The jaguar knight
Aztec legend holds that no man
Ever matched his obsidian blade
Every war he captures prisoners
For ritual sacrifice to the Sun god


Slashing of his blade,
Restoring order with the souls he's slain
Stabbing of his spear,
The only man who truly knows no fear
He—he's the only one with might
He's the only one to fight
He's the only jaguar knight

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