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Fall of the Feathered King - text


Kill the noble ones and make a pile of priests
Slaughter in the city
Alvarado murders while the captain is out
Slay without a pity
The Aztecs cry out in pain
Seeking their vengeance, they pray:
Stands under the god of the sun
Give us your might
Eye for an eye, now we fight’
Jaguar knights are laying siege to the camp
Showing no mercy
Cortes returns to find his army is trapped
Aztecs in fury


King Moctezuma appears
Begging his people to hear:
‘Lay down your spears my friends
And let us make amends
The killing now must end
For honor and victory’
But, they could not endure
A coward emperor
And so they took his life
The fall of the feathered king

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