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Owaranai Koi - text

i want to see you
whatever happens
only time can tell
memories that can never return
「 i want to forget those past memories...」
i've already told you before
i don't even have a clue whether you really have ever loved me
those tears that fell down more than twice...
in the past, you never gave up on me
those memories that i had buried will
never rise again
i can no longer look back
i just want to believe in what i hoped for
many times over i want us to cross path even without meeting
i'd always wanted to be separated from this love
often times i always expect for nothing
i always used to like you
without things ending, our love still had
once appeared from that time
「someone like you can nowhere else to be found in this world ...」
in your past, half of your burdens were raised up
in my future, half of my burdens will be raised up
i want to hug you and never let go of you
i miss you
i miss you
i miss you
if things would only be a bit more faster, we might come to see each other
then all those things that i possess
on top of things, until i've said that i already understand
right now, you're my everything
ten years, however still, i had together walked with you
a hundred years, however still, getting near you is painful
i like you besides nothing will be lost
tomorrow's continuous path, the both of us will face it

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