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Haven't got a sign or a clue of
How you should be of what
You should do to win the big race such a disgrace
When there is no way out on a dead end street
Can't make it right
Can't stand on your feet
When you got knocked down fell on the cold ground
So what now?

How come such a sunny day can look so gray?
And you just can not figure out
Why you don't want to keep on playing,
Is this game a bunch of lies
And you feel you have had enough
You want to fill the empty half of what
You lost on your way here,
You have got to fight through all your fears
In this game of life no need to run
No need to hide next time you fall
On the cold ground you will know
Why the sky is so grey
Why there is no need for you to keep on playing,
Cause you don't belong in this big race at all!

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