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It's alright, it's not wrong
To sometimes feel
You're just hanging on
On those days when
Your feelings are low
Don't hold back
Just let those show
If you want my time and devotion
You've got to give me
Some of your emotion
It's not too much, too much to ask
If you want this love to last
Born with open eyes
But you're blinded by confusion
You're born with strength inside
Let's do it step by step
Into tomorrow
We can make it if we try
If you talk to me, walk with me
There's no reason why
We can do it step by step
Into tomorrow with open eyes
So come on talk to me
Just walk with me
You can do it if you try
One step, one step at a time
One heart beatin' with mine
Nothing gained, nothing ventured
Nothing won, no risk no loss
In this world of indecisions
There's a bridge we all must cross

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