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Bloodsoaked Mission - text

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Violent consequences
Left in a wake of destruction
All I see is blood all around me
Distorting my vision of reality
All I see is blood all around me
Growing pains of a new democracy
Dying, risking their lives
Fighting for freedom, holding the key to their
own demise
Bullets and tanks cannot destroy, devious charges
laid in the ground
Hunting and searching, and tracking and killing
A faceless enemy that hides in the shadows
Led to the trap, led to the kill
Slaughtering all for this bloodsoaked mission!
Bow down to temptation hear it calling you
Serving the UN mandate til your duties through
Your sick ideals will not survive
When you spill the innocent blood
A will to inflict collateral damage
A Killer's rage has begun
Shatter the mirror, look what I am
Is this what war has left of a man
Terror follows me now everywhere I go
Haunting screams seared into my brain
Now I possess a morbid perspective
Of the shallow world that we're living in
Back to the front
For the final battle
Giving my life for the altar of freedom

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