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Sanctuary - text

I beg the sky to show me a sanctuary to let me rest in peace
Through the shadow of my own story
No more inner fear.
All the voices inside my head
Breaking my sanity, so I can wish that I was dead
So I can wish I’ll never be.

No pressure on my tired eyes
So I won’t see the light
So I won’t act like blind.

All these sleeples nights I’ve spent
To find myself alive again
Have turned into mornings
With a sunset as an excuse

The excuse for the moon I know, like my own inner voice
That tells me I am better man, than I feel I am

Sick of all the pressure I’ve struggled through alone
Blinded by my conciousness with nowhere else to go
And when the sun comes to the sky, I see the light so bright
And after all I realize I’m not ready to die.

The lack of sleep, and praying for relief
Has finally came to light and my eyelids are
Not sewn enough, to truly miss the light
So I can clearly see myself awake again

True understanding, that failing isn’t enough.
To break my spine so I can never walk again.
The weight left my shoulders, so mourn about my lightness.

I am no longer a slave to my consciousness
And I’m now in power with the demons in my head
No more praying for the hopeless
And seeking my misery

Forget my face, forget my name and let me breathe

Like the waves at the sea, I’ll rise and disappear with every glance of wind and my name will keep the mark on each cut I recieved. I am whole now.

I’ll always see, the fact I am worth to believe.
Everything that I feel and who I’m meant to be.
Like the air that fills our lungs
I’m alive in everything that sets me free.

The demons that I keep, that creeped me from my sleep
Became the only thing alive in my dreams.
But how much longer do they have?
How much longer do I really have?

I’m alive in everything that sets me free.

Text přidala rosieweworth

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