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My insecurities took all over me
I’ve become hopeless with no will to breathe
See that’s the problem I can’t handle myself
I’m seeking for the way to stop losing sleep

I am just sick and tired from this life breaking me
That I’m becoming what I’ve claimed I’d never be
And I’m exposed to everything that affects my confidence
And I fight myself every day for what I want to feel

Life turns into infinite soil that I’m buried in
Buried deep down
Restless and tired from my conscience that I am trapped in
Thoughts of ending it all have blacken my sight

Help me calm my racing mind
Make me stay
Or take my life away

Who am I to say I don’t want to live through another day
What I need to be? I don’t have the will to die anyway.
I’m crying for attention so I can change my mind
But even when I see the light I’m acting blind.

Draw a line across my life

I’ve given up searching
For the answers to the questions that I have
But as I struggled through the chasm of my mind
I found nothing but myself just losing sanity
But I can say, I’ve fucking tried

And with every morning sun
I try to think that I am worth this head I’m cursed with
And the bones that hold me straight
And I’ve accepted I lost the control over myself

The need to be isolated from what is killing me
Has tied the rope around my neck
And I’m losing breath with every attempt to speak
Yet I know I feel alive, when I’m alone

So take my life away

I wait for the day that I die
I wait for the day that I’ll face my last breath

Text přidala rosieweworth

Video přidala rosieweworth

Above The Road (EP)


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