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Part I: Blackened Skies

Brooding from blackened skies
Trickle breaks the silence
Conceal the ominous lies
Billowed from insolence

Where rumors engage the storm
And turmoil initiates
The disillusions deform
Until it

Part II: Imminent Storm

Blustering wind tearing into the eyes
Foreboding of the imminent demise
Whipping the simple into complexity
Reminding me of my incapacity

Soughed confusion spreading in my mind
Where are the answers, desires I can't find

Part III: Whirling to Bits

Fiercely the cyclone hits
Tearing my mind to bits
Don't know what's up or down
Faced with my own showdown

Confused and dazed
I'm rattled in this maze
Struggle to keep erect
To maintain self-respect

Try to piece it together
I'm trapped in stormy weather

Swirling like a ragdoll
Confusion reigns in my skull

In my world blown asunder
Feeling my self-esteem go under

What is it about
Will I figure it all out?

Part IV: Tornado's Path

Sheltering from forceful strike
Must obliterate them alike
Psychopathic carnivore
like the tornado's outpour

Vexed buildup I can't control
With my truculent death toll

Part V: Pantheon of Destruction

Expedite a conflict imminent
To be pantheon prominent
Writhing delusions of grandeur
To a web of volatile blur

The road of red cataclysm
With the strength of nihilism
The name of self-preservation
To annihilate deviation

All to quench the confusion
That's the key to my delusion
The path taken ambiguously
With broken spirit completely

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