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The Ritual And The Reckoning - text


A new age, A new golden age is upon us

The sun shines on obsidian, this blade will plunge into a holy reverie
Upon the altar lies the one who's worthy, we'll pluck his heart from his chest cavity
(Time to die)
Between the peaks that rise, his chalice fills with rivers of sacrifice
And when the time is come, his drink will spill onto the steps of the sun

Now go and be the heart that saves what we've undone
This is worth death
Now be the heart that saves what can't be saved

Fire is lit within the gaping wound, we'll light our torches from his rife brazier
The hearth in every temple cold, suspended, make known the time of empty days is here

Years crawl faster as the hands tick closer to the twelve
One more until it's over
Years crawl faster as the hands tick closer to the twelve
One more until the final five

And if the ribs should not bring forth new fire
Will our God fall from the sky?

Be strong, tonight there is no room for failure
The light must come and drive the dark away
Destroy mankind
We'll stand and harken in this solar era
The skies will fill with cries of victory
Improve design

Thirteen Reed
Twenty Ahau
Transcending into another time

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