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Ten Thousand Against One - text


Ten thousand against one…

Misty fields before me; forces assembled here still wander in their dreams
Bloodshed forthcoming with the dawn, a burning horizon beyond

I have arrived, time for war
Gather your shields and your swords
Try as you might to defeat me
I come as the wind, laying to waste all who dare stand in my way
Why risk your lives when there’s only one I need

He’s using you so he can live
Where is the honour in this?
It’s needless to die, I won’t stop until I win
End all the cowardice now!
Boy, I know you’re there, you hide behind a wall of men
Your army, it cannot defend if you won’t lead them

Ten thousand against one
They will rise, ten thousand against one
I’ll stand my ground, ten thousand against one

See the spirits lifting, drifting upon the wind, their bodies left behind
Echoing screams still remain heavy on the breeze, and whisper through the trees

Silence, follows me
A thousand voices calling
My name, Immortal
You can’t run from your fate

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