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False Walls - text


To the south there’s a city, ruled by a serpent-tongue
Spinning his lies and tales, blinding everyone
When I come to end this tyrant, he spouts words of silken twine
Winding me in vapours, mystifying, clouding up my mind

Then I recall words of warning said by my master
Never allow for his enchantments to penetrate
Know his weakness is my strength; overcome this haze

Overlord your reign is at an end
Your false walls are crumbling within
Oppressor your spell has come undone
Defy no more, imposter, overlord

Once I see through the veil he has conjured out of dust
Trapping his followers in a world they cannot trust
Like a curtain hangs his doctrine, enslaving all who hear
I must destroy this web, free the people, alleviate their fear

As though a fog has been lifted, cries echo around us
And like his brother before him I feel no remorse
He will lie upon the altar, a well-deserving course

You conjure your false walls
Imposter, you surround us
Your serpent tongue is enslaving everyone
Oppressor, overlord
Your doctrine, just vapours
Your lies are leading the lost
I will end you here

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