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Earth and Ashes - text


Calling out
I’m haunted again
The consequences far beyond repair

I know he’s waiting for me, I can feel him watching
The sound is deafening, begging me to walk the other way
But I cannot show mercy, no matter how deserving
There’s no controlling fate, he was made to die for nothing

Let it go, no hesitating
Take him home, no point crying
He’s no wasted life; open your eyes

Earth and ashes, when I’m gone will still remain
Fear not forever, I will wander once again

He takes me out to the hills, we’re like old friends walking
But it’s a charade, both of us know there’s no other way
All despite what I’m feeling, he’s such a wise companion
But I’m just wasting time, he will die

He’s no wasted life; open your eyes

And I know you’ve come to take me home
I can’t pretend that I want to go
But I know that death it comes for everyone of us
And I’ve lived a worthy life with no remorse

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