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Call Me Immortal - text


Despite the promise made to me to let my soul be free
Revealing upon my return intentions to betray
Yet all the same the fact remains I knew it was a lie
In all these years I’ve learned to hope is no way to survive

The ritual completed now she has what she demands
And I’m just another pawn for her to do as she commands

Now I return to the mountain keep
Slumber again for eternity
Call me Immortal

The world no longer my concern I wander home in peace
No sense at all in lingering, my chamber calls to me
If ever I was done with life; this last one caused me pain
And here I thought I had control of everything

The future hovers on the edge in the hands of one insane
My power is the tipping point and now she knows my name

Text přidal Efai

Video přidal Efai

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