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Hello mountain, remember me
Child of your womb
I return from a perilous place
To the warmth of your hollow
Embrace me
Steady giant, monolith
Lend me your heart
I am weakened again, tired
Mend my scars

As your power, it sinks into me
Your roots take their hold
My body as one with the earth
My blood as the stone
The mountain, my home

Heavy walls enclose me; cover me in endless warmth
And now the dreams will come
Lucid freedom takes me, to a world no longer run by the laws of relativity

Fly out beyond the stars, where the wind takes me
Away and leads me through the dark, defying gravity

Can you follow me? Follow me to apex

Through a meadow running, feel the sun upon my face
And the air in intoxicates
Rushing like a river, toward a waterfall that takes me out beyond reality

Away, you lead me through dark, defying gravity

Brother mountain, now we sleep
For a thousand years
I will see you again
Something is coming…
Coming for me…

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