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Silence this Parasite - text


Now it’s time to trade my space breath for a dancing revolution
As the rings of Saturnus, the battle shall transform me and I’ll be the War God’s aura
This blue screen in the starry darkness won’t fall into oblivion
Without leaving any traces, it’ll just be ignored for evermore

This black hole which feeds on surrounding matter until emptiness reign…fulfilling its
Like a solitary worm, it shall lose everything he has conquered at the end of its work

Monalem, Tisarap te Toibmys…all embodied by mineral flesh…a perfect illusion
Cupidity on legs disposed to achieve ascension at the price of extinction
Knowing truth distanced you from Life
Without remorse, you chose to forfeit existence for the sake of knowledge

Rejecting cellular laws, this melanoma eludes the immunologic system’s control by
fighting off lymphocytes
Error of conception, only a cervical muzzle would have been able to correctly silence this

Don’t resist it,
Its hemoglobin’s intoxication, a reflection of its thoughts
Don’t believe it,
The abstraction of Good is in the ignorance of Evil

Recanc ed al Erret
Lost, unachieved in the outcome
Acknowledging our own ignorance is a sure sign of intelligence
Recanc ed al Erret
You hang Reason and poison Wisdom
In consequence of your incomprehension

Thirst and hunger divert it from learning in its distrust for the absolute

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