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Forbidden Carnal Desires - text


Possessing your soul,
Controlling your mind,
Sweet carnal desires appear

Formerly forbidden pleasures
Have now become vital,
You don't control your impulses

You feel the growing
Pleasure on your skin
The red blood
Boiling in your veins

You feel as hot as a volcano
Begging for pleasure
Oh!... feel it!

You now pray to Bacchus
You ask for his blessing.
You have abandoned Christ
For he can't help you

Masturbation is inevitable
While you dream and fantasize
WIth the Lord of the flies,
Possessing your body,
Sweating of desire

Orgies take place in your mind.
Memories of another nun
Undressing herself for you

They never imagined your love,
Nor how much you desired
The orgasm of the pope

Undressing the habit
Dressing the power of flesh

Text přidala GodKill

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