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A vital stronhold with a motivation
That drives on forward.
A path that is chosen for its
Golden rewards,
Yet we're left stranded.
I can't believe that I
Put my hand forward.
Ignite the flame within
To see the signs.
I want to see the world.
With or without you there
I'll continue on.

A broken oath leads to an end.
So bitter with cruelty.
So dark it sickens.
Insanely tracing all the mistakes.
Now serve the time.

A path that was chosen for
It's diamond future.
Now it's gone.
Burnt by my own selfish lies.
You sealed the end with your mind.
Come in the darkness with me.
It's where you can set me free.
This is what I am.
Let me be.
Set me free.
This is who I am.

Text přidala MissH

Video přidal Louis16

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