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Goddamn Dance Craze - text


C'mon now the party's just begun, You can't afford to not just have some fun, So loosen up and act like you're in love, Kids
don't be late-it's a goddamn dance craze. Don't talk-just listen to each word I say, it's time to send your cares away on
vacation, Don't watch your TV eyes burst into flames, Get up and join the brand new daze sweeping the nation. Who cares if
it's only us darlin', If we just dream it up, Then maybe it can all come true tonight. Don't try to tell me I'm a naive clown, I
thought rock & roll was all about contagious dreamin', I feel like the Beatles rollin' into town, So hungry that I'm still not
phased that you're not screamin', Who cares if it's all been done, darlin', Tonight just feelin' dumb's good enough if there's
fever in your eyes. Don't' tell me this shoe don't fit yet, Don't tell me you're tired and off to bed, Don't tell me there's nothin'
left to try. Cuz when there's nothing left to try it comes out right. Don't stop this feelin'-something's wrong, Don't stop this
fever burnin', Don't' stop believin' on the way home, And we'll keep on dancin'

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