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Forever, Forever - text


From the first time you walked in my door, I could see we were playing no more, Now every weekend-year and post-college
fear, Has made things different than they once were. Always came with a warning before, But now you feel like you're losing
the war, How can I make you see that you can't lose me, Cuz I'm still in love and want you for:.Forever:.Forever, so
weird at first, but now I'm sure, I surrender:Forever, And whatever it is that you want me to do, I'll do it Oh year. Don't
you know I could give you the world, Just say that you want it, it's yours, And when it sets you free with nothin' to believe, Just
remember girl that I'll be yours:.All the stars in your eyes, Burn to light up your smile, Everything is so bright, I don't wanna
just hide, From the things that I used to be scared of tonite.

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