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Chilly At The Crib - text


I'm gonna come over baby tonight
Tie you down, tie you down to your bed
And treat you like you like rub your belly, rub your leg
Lick the inside of your ear until you start to beg

Lick your pussy, kiss your lips
Lick your body baby, from your toes to your fingertips
Talk dirty to you, talk to you nice
Gonna make your body tingle baby, gonna make it tingle twice

Gonna fuck you so hard that you'll say, "Don't stop"
Gonna have your pussy going snap crackle pop, pop, pop
Bam damn I'm the kinda man
That's gonna have you beggin' me to put my dick in your hand

And you know it ain't a play toy but baby, it'll do
Because you want me to come, I'm gonna come all over you
I know during the day you're gonna act all proper
But baby late at night you're a show stopper

You're just a dirty girl with a dirty mind
I'm gonna bend you over baby and show me your behind
I'm gonna make you do the nasty things you only think about
There ain't another like me baby, who knows just how to turn you out

'Cause baby, I've got the touch
I'm gonna give you so much

I ain't your daddy I'm your lover
I'm a mac motherfucker like no other
I got the boom boom baby
That you like

I'm gonna come over baby tonight
Lay you down, lay you down and treat you like you like
While your parents are asleep I'm gonna sneak into your room
And give you some of that boom, boom, boom

I'm gonna kiss ya, lick ya, suck ya, fuck ya
Spank ya, chew ya, stroke ya, screw ya, do ya
Take you from behind and on top and underneath
And from the side, tongue your nipples with my teeth

Rub your belly, rub your back
Rub you just right and rub you round the track
I'll rub your pussy till it's steaming
I'm gonna get you so hot that baby you'll be screaming

Screaming baby, baby, baby please
You got to give it to me now I'll give it to on my knees
'Cause I'm a brother with connection
I'm gonna give your lovely pussy an er******
Wait correction I'll make you holler
I'd be a rich motherfucker if I only had a dollar
And you'll be rubbing yourself while your driving
Home hopin' that your daddy'll be arriving

Home soon baby when I said I was gonna fuck ya
I didn't mean I was gonna fuck ya up it meant
I was gonna fuck your brains out
And give you something you'll want again and again

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