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Meanstreets - text


There's a heartbeat in the city
Caught in the rush there's no pity
On the edge of day
Late night traffic, late to go home
Im slippin out into the twilight zone
Im on the edge of day

* in a stolen moment two lovers meet
Whisperin promises they can't keep
Across the bar jukebox plays
Out in the night they steal away

** out on the meanstreets, feel my heartbeat
Each and every step I take
Out on the meanstreets, feel my heartbeat
Its in every move I make

With all the heat now, and all the stories
Heroes wrestle for the chance of glory
On the edge of day
Midnight cowboys make the sweep
There's nothing sacred on the street
Were on the edge again

* repeat
** repeat

When the lights go down you know life comes easy
Its easy baby
In the wild west end you can find
A friend tonight
Oh tonight
Got to keep this heart. inspired


* repeat
** repeat twice then the instruments wrap it up

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