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A Self Made Man - text


I've worked so hard, like Hyde on the chaos theory

I've found my madness quite complete

No sign of light or love divine intervention

While I was scoring on your street

I am the demon of your darkest thoughts

Wired to self destruct

A greedy, nasty, selfish little man

Who could never have or get too much


But if the very thought makes you shiver

I am just one of the many lost

And I will change the course of the river

And never stop to count the cost


But everythings light on a Sunday

The choir singing all in tune

But such a small congregation

Will someone send up the balloon


Oh I'm a self made man

The fruits of yes you can

Oh I'm a self made man

And I'll take what I can

Out of the darkness and into the light

See the army grow and grow

And like a storm, a reign of terror

This ill wind will blow and blow

Repeat *

I'll take great pride and pleasure in your misery

And delight in your living hell

There's no known act of human kindnes left

My very mother I would sell

I'm not uncouthed, but educated

Now isn't that a scary thing

And elected to a place of power

Your slavery will be my sting

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