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Our Pale Departure - text

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Below the tide we strain to breathe
Imprisoned selfish suffocating souls
Salvation screams from high above the trees
While our beating hearts beg and plead to fold
Paling light falls behind approaching clouds
Hope flutters like ashes in the wind
So blind we've become to the burial shroud
Cautions unheard silently shriek from within
Time is lost and we bear our scars
Without rise we are fearful of the fall
Darkness has come to blanket the stars
And even mountains vanish behind the squall
Broken hands exhume unspoiled graves
Digging deeper for the dust below the dirt
Here you'll find only bones of once a slave
Ridden with regrets they are unable to revert
Faded flesh slumbering in the tomb
An indication of our inevitable doom
Echoing voices from below the hollow
Calling us, calling us to follow

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