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It's time to go again to your blue room
Got some questions to ask of you in your blue room
The air is clean - your skin in clear
I've had enough of hangin' 'round here
It's a different kind of conversation
In your blue room

[High Voice:]

You saw me comin' lass
I feel kinda sad
You saw me comin'
I need somewhere to hide

And time is a string of pearls

['aw sing it']

See the future just hanging there
A new frame - a new perspective
Looking down on my objectives
Your instructions - whatever the directions
Your blue room

[High Voice:]

You saw me comin' lass
I feel some kind of blue
You saw me comin'
How do I feel?

That's why one day I'll be back
Yeah, I hope I remember where it's at

[High Voice:]

The city sighs again
Won't you bring me back there
So much fun child


Zooming in,
Zooming out,
Nothing I can do without,
A lens to see it all up close,
Magnifying what everyone knows,
Never in company,
Never alone,
No car alarm, no cellular phone

Text přidala Anne-Adie

Video přidala Anne-Adie

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