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Primecrime On Primetime - text


The updates of the anchorman
And Reuters breaking news
Information fills the waves
With different points of view
The breakfast table battleground
Surplus overload
No matter what is on the screen
We hammer on and on
See the primecrime on primetime
That is the lifestyle on T.V.
See the primecrime on primetime
Another deadline - headline - on the screen
A hijack and a bomber's car
A killer going free
A multimillion bank account
Simply disappeared
A tanker lost and ran aground
A train came off the track
An innocent just standing by
A victim of attack
Oh - no - yes - more
The flooding of our heritage
Hurricanes at sea
Mighty mountains detonate
For all the world to see
Ignoring all catastrophes
Until it's at your door
Microphone and cameraman
You're the news at four

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